Some systems are experiencing issues
NVMe Upgrades

Update April 3rd: Please see the updates below this entry for the latest scheduled upgrades. In this section we are listing completed servers.

We are in the process of migrating our older hardware to new systems. In some cases we can perform the work with a quick reboot and in other cases new hardware and new IPs are required. This status update contains details of the servers which we have upgraded so far, and the new IPs where necessary.

Completed servers with IP changes which are now upgraded to nvme volumes are as follows:


  • R152:

New York:

  • R087:
  • R142:


  • S320 and S445:
  • R018 and R100:


  • R099:
  • R020, R103:


  • R194:


Recently completed:

  • S298:
  • R104 and R204:
  • R179 and S346:

Past migrations:

  • R014, R118:
  • R021, R131:
  • R037, R191, R197, R226:
  • R098, R146:
  • R113:
  • R134, R159:
  • S326:
  • R067, R090, R096:
  • R015:
  • R213:
  • R016:


  • S406:
  • R232:
  • Recently completed - R198 - and S425 -

Please note you can also confirm your account's IP address within your cPanel homepage, located on the sidebar under 'Shared IP address'

Remaining work:

  • All remaining servers in the USA will be upgraded in April-May, we will be in touch as needed.

  • Additionally some servers in London, Frankfurt and Brazil are not yet upgraded, we will be in touch in the coming weeks.

NVMe upgrades - S322, S524

Update @ 19:28 UTC - These are now completed. The new IP is:

From 11am UTC on Sunday May 22nd we will be replacing these servers. If you do not use our nameservers, the new IP is -

NVMe Upgrades - R106, S412

Update @ 13:38 - Both servers are now completed. The new IP is:

From 7am UTC on Monday May 23rd we will be replacing these servers.

Past Incidents

24th May 2022

s518.lon6 s518.lon6 is experiencing an outage.

Our engineers are investigating a technical issue with the server. ETA is a few minutes currently.

23rd May 2022

s482.sgp9 MySQL Service

We are currently investigating the issue that has occured with the MySQL service on the server.

  • Update @ 10:40 - This is now resolved, apologies for the issue.